Hi, we are The Silverthorn’s! We do everything as a family and feel that it is good for our kids to see their mom and dad work and interact with other adults. Jaxon (5), Makenzy (3), Braxton (2), and we can’t forget about our Benji (98 in dog years) are our greatest joys and I’m sure most of you will or already have got to meet them! Joel and I will be married 6 years in September. As you can see everything we do is fast…haha…thank goodness for Jesus. We grew up in San Diego and decided to buy the original franchise when Jaxon was just 4 months old and relocate to Murrieta. Which was the best move! We love Murrieta and have never felt more at home.

Coming from a background in the beauty industry and health and wellness, we always wanted a wellness center of some type. Meghan has been a licensed Cosmetologist for 14 years and is very passionate about the beauty industry. Joel was a Personal Trainer for 6 years so health and fitness was always a big part of his life. When we had the opportunity to buy the original franchise we felt like it fit perfectly into our professions. After 4 years with the franchise and 3 kids later, we felt it was time to go out on our own. Which leads us to our exciting future with Faith & Beauty. We currently are a spa with automated spa and tanning services. We are excited to see our spa grow with hands on services in the near future…stay tuned!!!

We thank God every day for all the love and support from all our family, friends, members, customers! We couldn’t do life without you all!

Joel & Meghan Silverthorn
Proud owners of Faith & Beauty