Q&A: You have questions, we have answers:


Q: What do I wear when I come in?
A: Unless you are doing InfraZone, any attire is fine. If you are doing InfraZone wear workout/yoga clothes.


Q: What should I do before getting my spray tan?
A: You want to make sure you exfoliate really well, shave, don’t put lotion on, I don’t even recommend deodorant as most have aluminum and can turn your underarms green. Wear loose clothing, flip flops/open toed shoes, and ladies a hair tie/clip. Expect to not shower or get wet for 6-8 hours and after you shower each day hydrate your skin with a good lotion to extend your spray tan.


Q: What is required for services?
A: Protective eye wear for UV therapy/tanning beds, sauna suits for the Sauna, rental/purchase of yoga mat/towel from F&B, and to fill out the release forms, all of which we have at the spa.


Q: Do you offer hands on services?
A: Not at the moment but it is in the works! Stay tuned!